into deserted villages

Enjoy these magical towns

through unhurried and uncrowded visits.

The canyons of Montsec de Aragón are home to abandoned villages. In these magical places time seems to have come to a stop.

There, you’ll discover surprising views and old stone houses that are still standing as proud witnesses of the not-so-distant past.


immersed in beauty

pueblo abandonado finestras

The locations of these abandoned villages offer spectacular natural beauty. Lose yourself in eternal skies, where the silence is interrupted only by birdsong.

Below are some of the history-packed, deserted villages you can visit:

-L’Estall: the last inhabitant of this village, Santiago Pena, held out for 30 years.

-Mongay or Montgai: stone buildings and unbeatable views await you.

-Fet: one of the villages that was abandoned because of Canelles reservoir.

-Chivireta: here, you can visit the local school and Nuestra Señora de la Piedad church.

-Montfalcó: enjoy the Romanesque hermitage of Santa Quiteria and Casa Batllé.

-Finestras: one of the most spectacular deserted villages, because of its natural wall.

These places, witnesses of other lives and times, are waiting for you to walk their paths and sit on their stones, to contemplate the beauty around you.

señalizacion montsec


in the stones

Art isn’t only to be found in museums and churches. It’s also waiting for you in deserted villages and hamlets. That’s why, the abandoned villages are an example of the rich historical, cultural, ethnographic and artistic heritage of this region.

If you’re ready for this experience, we invite you to tour them and admire their remains. But keep your wits about you. The deserted villages are still alive and packed with stories to tell anyone open to listening to them.

Will you be one of those people?

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